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May Group Signage Solutions 

A Mobile Mini Testimonial


Our team in Ft. Worth, TX is staffed full of hard-working Americans that produce the highest quality products with pride. They'd be even more proud if we could supply our Durabind signs to the men & women that make Mobile Mini the best modular building company in the world. 

We know there's no better testimonial than one that comes from the folks with boots on the ground. Below you'll find a video testimonial straight from the mouths of some of your workers that we wanted to share.

Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to your feedback.

Team May

MG M.png
This video has been deleted.
  • Fast order fulfillment and reduced inventory carrying costs

  • Superior fade resistance and vandalism recovery

  • Safer handling  and mounting for your crews

  • Easier to maintain and clean up

  • Made in the USA

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