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Superior brightness, unlimited color options, 10x the design possibilities vs LED Neon signs.

LED Neon signs have long been the popular choice for on/off trade signage, however there's no option to source them in the USA. So, we decided to challenge our design team to come up with a viable domestically made alternative. We didn't stop there we wanted to make it better than LED Neon, so we gave them three criteria: 

  1. Give it more design options.

  2. Give it more color options.

  3. Make it made-in-the-USA

What they engineered is truly remarkable. We call it Neon+™ and it’s a game changer for both retail and on & off trade signage. Neon+™ is truly next generation LED signage. It offers a sleek compact design, superior brightness, provides more color options, and 10x the design possibilities versus traditional LED neon signs. 

Because it's Made-in-the-USA, you get lead-times measured in weeks not months, lower minimum order quantities, and an all around superior sign at a lower cost. We’re excited to share all the new possibilities that Neon+™ offers.

Neon+ Logo v2_1_2x.png

The Neon+™  difference.


Neon+ Brightness Feature.png

More color options

Neon+ Color Options LP Image_2x.png

More design options

Neon+ Brightness LP Image_1_2x.png

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