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Illuminated Signs

Let's face it, humans will always respond to signs but nothing screams "Look at me!" more than one of our artfully crafted and expertly engineered illuminated LED signs. Let us help you create something unique and engaging for your brand.

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Artlite® Illuminated Signage

A stunning combination of illumination, dimension, and style.

Artlite® is a special lighting technique invented and patented by May Group. The technology is used by worldwide by sign manufacturers to create stunning signage and displays. Artlite® combines the glow and brightness of a neon sign, the dimensional look of cut letters, and the durability and design flexibility of a backlit display in one stunning solution.

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Multi-Media Illuminated Signage

Combine space, light, and texture to create unique visual experiences.

Beautifully crafted multi-media signs allow for the most creativity and versatility. Create eye-catching signs and displays constructed with any combination of wood, metal, acrylic and lighting.

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Edgelit Signage

Endless combinations of light, texture, dimension, color, and space.

Generate interest and draw attention to your brand or your product with edgelit illuminated LED signage. Edgelit signs are best for driving foot traffic into your store.

Glazelite Signage

A perfect combination of elegance, light, and form factor create this modern sign. 

Glazelite, part of our Artlite® family of illuminated signs, is a thin, elegant display that offers a striking glow around the entire edge of the sign. Glazelite suits any in-store or retail application.

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